A Little Introduction

To begin with, I’m an Engineering Physics student at the University of Alberta. This is a very special program that mixed practical Electrical Engineering and theoretical Physics, which gives me the ability to:

Identify and solve problems with safe and
 cost-effective solutions

Discover and determine phenomena by 
understanding and experimenting

Design and construct solutions of hardware and software


I am currently working at the Binary Research group to create an algorithm to correlate data from RGB sensors to concentration-dependent coloured reactions and to reduce the sensor-to-sensor variations via calibration scripts.


When miracles arrive between loads of homework and exams, I like to use my free time to design and create some interesting projects. These projects often involve 3D printer, microprocessors and programming.


Ultimately, I would like to work in either advanced electrical device development or machine learning research because these topics can leap our technology, and I definitely want to contribute to the transistor invention or world wide web creation of this century.

Meet us

Ray Liu

Ray Liu

Administrator, the IT guy, and everything else

The creator and the owner of this site. Currently battling against intensive assignments and course load in the University of Alberta’s Engineering Physics program.



Doge, Mascot

The guardian of happiness. He would protect everyone from falling into the abyss of depression with his cuteness.

Do Great Things

My Projects

What have i done recently
Edmonton’s Property Assessment


An Accessible and Interactive Map to Edmonton’s Property Assessment History Objective: To present an intuitive visual tool that will improve the accessibility of the assessment data on Edmonton’s Open Data Portal Design Goals: 1. Plot Read more…

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